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Amardeep Steel Centre – Global Leader of Nonferrous Metals and Industrial Raw Materials

amardeep steel centre

Amardeep Steel Centre is one of the famous industrial names in India. It is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of steel products in India. With its diversified product portfolio, the company ensures that it has solutions for most of the metal needs of manufacturing industries. The following key attributes of Amadeep Steel Centres are their quality, service and affordability.”

“Awarded the prestigious Gold medal for ‘Best Steel Product’ at IIT Delhi, Amadeep steel centre is one of the biggest distributors of industrial raw materials and products. They are experts in providing heat exchangers and related equipment to the engineering industry. This includes gas turbines, heat exchangers, heat treatment machines, thermal expansion fittings, gas pipe fittings, hot gas cylinders, steam turbines, thermal oxidizers, steam generators, power generator sets, electrical equipment and related products for petroleum and other industrial sectors.” From the above description it can be concluded that Amadeep Steel Center is a giant among the four segments of the industry.

“At Amadeep Steel Centre, India, the name of creativity is given to steel. Its unique product portfolio, advanced technologies and various techniques are incorporated to manufacture steel products. The Company ensures its employees to be the best in every field. The aim of the company is to give its employees the best training so that they can deliver only the best quality products to the customers.

“A lot of Indian companies are engaged in the production of steel and nonferrous metal products, but the quality is not uniform and uniformity cannot be maintained in all processes. At Amadeep steel centre, the quality and standards are always followed and strictly monitored. It’s one of the leading industrial raw materials and nonferrous process equipment manufacturers.”

“At Amadeep steel centre, India, the world famous Purity Fermenting & Refining Plant at Mahabaleshwar was established. The plant processed the raw materials like steel bars, tubes, pipes, sheet, roll forming etc. in the best possible manner. This helped the country in becoming self-sufficient in the production of different kinds of steel products. This plant processed more than 24 million tonnes of steel products in the year 1984.”

The amardeep steel centre at Mahabaleshwar has four segments to cater to the needs of the clients. It is a complete facility for the production, transportation, storage as well as off site services. In addition to it, the facility offers state of the art technology and excellent quality of workmanship to its customers. Apart from these four segments, it also offers storage and off site services to the steel industry as a whole.

The amardeep steel centre at Mahabaleshwar is very much a leader among the leading industrial raw materials and non ferrous processing plants. The plant is one of the biggest exporters of steel equipments in India. With this facility, the country gets a chance to expand its industrial raw materials business. Apart from this, it also becomes the biggest producer of nonferrous scrap copper. The entire process of refining and fabricating copper coils is carried out with the help of this machine. The result of all these activities is the emergence of an assured raw material export business.

In the year 1984, the amardeep steel centre started utilizing the process of direct gas welding for welding the pipes. This process gave birth to new innovative techniques that have helped in the proper utilization of raw materials like steel pipes. These pipes are now widely used in different industries including construction sites, power houses, metallurgy, automotive industry and many more sectors. A huge market is provided by the awardee steel centre for the products like tubes and fittings.